About this Website

The authors met in Fall 2001, when Jonathan joined the Germanic Studies department at Indiana University. Rachel had already been attending for a year, and would go on to get a PhD in Germanic Literature. Jon stopped with a Masters in Germanic Linguistics in 2004. The friendship became very close very quickly, and it wasn't long before feverish conversations about everything from language to religion to television led to an idea to write a book together. Tossing around the title "Superman and God" because of the frequent discussion of both of those topics and our common interest in watching Smallville together on Tuesday nights, the idea simmered on the back burner for years. As happens with friendships, life got in the way, and we went our separate ways for a few years, eventually moving away to our respective lives and careers after school. However, in very early 2012, Rachel reached out to reconnect, we quickly settled into the same comfortable friendship we had known before, and it didn't take long for talk of the book to rear its head again.

With another decade of experience under our belts, we set out to write the book over the course of several years through weekly meetings. This effort evolved into the development of this website, where we thought we could share our thoughts and stories in the form of digestible posts about the topics we've been tossing around. Here, you will find a variety of short pieces on topics ranging from the real to the imaginary, from the mundane to the fantastic, from the comfortable to the combative, and - quite frankly - sometimes from the knowledgeable to the wildly speculative.