Superman and God is the brainchild of Rachel Bachmann and Jonathan Tweedy. Beginning as an arbitrary book title suggestion in the Fall of 2001, it gained traction in our minds over the years, simmered on the back burner through the ups and downs and twists and turns of our lives and our friendship, and then started to boil over when we reconnected several years ago. Initially intended to be a collection of essays, it evolved from a book idea into a blog idea because of the immense diversity of the discussions that we find ourselves wrapped up in whenever we talk. The blog (and the book to come) may touch on anything, be it legends and superheroes, fantasy and science fiction, religion and mythology, education and academia, board games, social engineering, knitting, pet ownership, or anything else our wandering minds may conjure up. We will make every effort to weave posts together with threads of relevancy. After all... we are supposed to write this book. Eventually. Until we do, we hope you'll join us for a deep dive into our ramblings. You know what they say: come for the articles, stay for the idiosyncrasies.