Superman and God’s Cocktail Countdown to the New Year

The Supersuit

So Rachel and I were trying to think of cocktails that might be interesting for Superman and God, but also appropriate for our readers, and of course we almost immediately veered towards Superheroes. Now I know what you're thinking… God? Superman? "Superheroes" isn't exactly narrowing it down, right? So I started thinking: What's the real difference between God and a Superhero? And you know, I finally figured it out...

God?... no supersuit.

God is God. God is your everyman. You might as well call him Chuck. But Superman… Superman needs a cape! Without a cape, he'd just be Clark.

So I decided to go about designing exactly the kind of Supersuit that Superman might want me drinking to, and that's where I came up with this dandy:

  • A dash of Blue Curaçao
  • A dash of Dry Vermouth
  • 2 Shots of Gin
  • A wedge or slice of lemon. If you like lemon, you might actually use it.
  • A cherry or three. If you like cherries, you may not regret adding them.
  1. Line a reasonable glass (meaning any glass, screw the reviews) with the Blue Curaçao and Dry Vermouth. Just pour them in and swirl them around.
  2. Pour gin into a shaker over ice and SHAKE THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF IT.
  3. Once it's satisfactorily frothy from blending with the ice, pour that over what you'd already put in the glass.
  4. Drop a cherry or three into the class.
  5. Hang a slice of lemon over the glass like it makes a difference.
  6. Photograph and post to Instagram.

My verdict?: Quite nice! It was kind of what I expected. Kind of sweet, but mostly pretty nice, and the dry vermouth definitely helped offset the undergraduate Thursday night taste of the Blue Curaçao with a little bit of a random and pungently bittersweet  adult buffer.

But don't take my word for it. Ask Doug Largent. He loved it!