Christmases Long, Long Ago: Countdown Week 4

When we first came up with the idea of doing a 5-week Superman and God cocktail countdown to the new year, the only two things we knew with absolute certainty were that 1) we had to do something Superman-themed and 2) that Glühwein (German-style mulled wine) had to be on the list. On Christmas Eve 2020, as we sit in our respective homes and Zoom about the post (Rachel wearing her one item of Indiana University clothing), we’re realizing that both of our cocktail reviews from this week are based on memories of the Christmas seasons of our younger days. Jon revisits some Indiana memories and shares a delicious cocktail concoction that he learned about when he moved to North Carolina, and Rachel recalls the sensory impressions associated with various Christmas markets she has visited throughout her young(er) adulthood by providing a recipe for the classic German seasonal hot drink Glühwein.