Winter Blues? Go Green!

2) Online Shopping

As much as we try to be environmentally conscious by shopping local, busy lives - and a global pandemic! - make it likely that we'll do at least some online shopping for presents this year.  Since many will choose not to travel for the winter holidays to see friends and families in person, it makes sense to order some gifts online and have them delivered directly to the recipient. If you're like me, you've seen how often online purchases arrive in a ridiculously outsized plastic bubble envelop or box with voluminous padding, and it sickens you. The good news is that, in addition to the companies listed above, an increasing number of online retailers are taking steps to reduce packaging in general, and plastic packaging in particular. I wanted to gift someone some tea this year, and a very quick internet search provided me not only with multiple delicious-sounding offerings, but also numerous articles with recommendations. I particularly enjoyed this one. While many of these brands are available at my local Sprouts, a couple of them, including Arbor and Choice Organic, are not. I now have one person on my list taken care of! (I won't say who in case they read the blog.)